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We’re on Track With Revenue Collections, KRA Says

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) says it has kept its pace with revenue collection compared to previous years.

The Authority made the clarification after a section of leaders called for its probe following delays in salaries by civil servants.

In a statement, KRA said its revenue collection averaged 95.1 per cent on the original target and 93.4 per cent on the Supplementary target as of the close of March 2023.

“This represents a collection of Sh 1.5 billion and a year on year 8 per cent growth,” said KRA.

Additionally, KRA cited the use of modern technology in sealing loopholes to avoid diversion of revenue.

“KRA has invested in modern technology which works as the revenue collection and settlement system from source to the exchanger. With this in place, there is no room for revenue diversion as strict surveillance plugs revenue loopholes.”

The taxman has assured Kenyans that it is committed to enhancing government revenue mobilisation, facilitating economic growth and trade by ensuring compliance with tax and customs laws.

Source: standardmedia



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