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Nakuru Residents Warned Against Consuming Lake Fish

Nakuru East Deputy County Commissioner Simiyu Were has cautioned against fishing in Lake Nakuru, saying the fish are not fit for human consumption.

It was regretted that the residents had resorted to fishing, trading and feasting on the poisonous fish, yet they were well aware of the health implications.

“We are urging you to desist from fishing from Lake Nakuru as this is detrimental to your health and the unsuspecting consumers,” he noted.

In 2020, KEMFRI researchers found that there was a high level of nitrate in the Lake, raising concerns that the fish was not safe for human consumption.

The report stated that the mysterious deaths of fish in the lake were caused by toxicity of the four fish species found in the lake, with the Nile tilapia worst affected.

Besides nitrate, the concentration of chlorophyll-a in the fish was also found to be 84.49 milligrammes per litre (mgl-1), while others had a concentration of 77.35 mgl-1.

Executive Director for Elephant Neighbours Centre, Jim Justus Nyamu, who is walking from Nakuru city to Baringo County through Kabarak University, noted that the fish at Lake Nakuru were introduced purposefully to regulate spread of mosquitoes.

“Scientists have sighted the toxic metal and raw sewer and the tilapia here were to regulate the mosquitoes and are not fit for food. It is a pity that we are now even feasting on what the Bible prohibits,” he regretted, noting that bush meat was also on high sale, with hyenas and baboons being targeted by unscrupulous traders.

Nyamu’s team, which advocates against pouching of elephants for tusks, will crisscross Rwanda to Karamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“Congo had close to 200,000 elephants but now only has 4,000. In Kenya, our elephant population has slightly increased to 35,000 but we still have to fight pouching, with the Kenya Wildlife Services representing these issues at the National Security Council,” said Nyamu, noting that he will be covering 3,200 kilometres in 130 days to raise awareness on the plight of elephants.

Source: Kenya News



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