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Government Focuses on Talent Development for Income

Umpires have been asked to maintain high standards of sporting activities by sticking to the rules of the game, remaining fair and making sure the best teams win as the government moves to monetize talent through sports.

The Principal Secretary State Department of Basic Education Dr. Belio Kipsang, said going forward talent will not only be on the sporting fields but will be developed so that it becomes a source of income and development for the young ones.

He said this has been made possible by President William Ruto receiving a report from the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms which recognises the participation of children in sports as one of the pathways in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The PS warned against compromising on the quality of the sports as the government takes keen interest in developing and nurturing talent while investing enough resources.

He noted that the quality of sports is required as Kenya is bidding to host the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) with expectation that locals will also participate either as players or referees.

“We have been honoured as a country that we shall be hosting the world secondary school athletic championships next year and we look forward to most of us who are here today being nurtured and being in that particular sport,” he disclosed.

He added that the government has rolled out a number of initiatives aimed at helping talented young people develop their skills, grow and be a source of encouragement to others in the future.

Among the initiatives are the Talanta Hela and establishment of sports academies across the country in collaboration with schools, Sports associations, and Sports Fund.

He noted that an 18-hole golf course has already been developed at Lenana High School to develop golf talent at an early age.

He also said that, currently, the Sports Fund, under the direction of President William Ruto, has taken full responsibility for supporting National Sporting events that are being held at Kenyan schools.

Central Region Secondary Students during a parade before the start of sporting activities in Kakamega

The Sports Fund, which is funding the Kenya Secondary School Sports Association Term 2 games in Kakamega, sponsored the National Drama Festivals in Mombasa and will fully sponsor the National Music Festivals, which are beginning next week at Dedan Kimathi University.

“The Sports Fund has also put resources for primary school sports in Kisumu and funds for special sports in Embu,” the PS Disclosed.

“The sports fund has gone a long way to motivate players, our referees, coaches, team managers and all those who are involved in this very important sport. It will also boost the standards of our competition,” he added.

He said all departments will continue to work together to deliver as one government to ensure the future of Kenya’s children is well taken care of.

The PS also asked other stakeholders, including the fourth estate, to support exposing the talents so that scouts are able to identify them, develop them, nurture them, and grow them to international standards.

Three teams that will win the Secondary School National Competitions will proceed to Rwanda for the East and Central Africa Secondary School Games.

Those that emerge victorious from the East Africa Games will represent Kenya and East Africa in Africa Championships before proceeding to the World Championships.

Source: Kenya News



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