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US Bomber Aircraft Fly Above Bosnia to Highlight Cooperation

Two US Air Force B-1B Lancer bomber aircraft flew low Tuesday above Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital of Sarajevo to highlight the strong partnership between the two countries.

A ceremony was held for the event to symbolize the support given by the US to the sovereignty, territorial integrity and multi-ethnic structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croat Member of the Presidential Council, Zejko Komsic, said it is a good feeling to know that you can call someone in case of need.

”These two bombers have a political meaning. It is to show that the United States is always in support of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Komsic.

Defense Minister Zukan Helez said “the US is one of the key partners in foreign policy and military.”

“Bosnia and Herzegovina has a goal of becoming a member of NATO. In this context, we are getting closer to this every day,” he said.

The aircraft flew above the capital and were seen by surrounding cities.

The bombers also participated in a joint military exercise that included the engagement of the Joint Tactical Air Control of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and US Army Special Forces.

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