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Teams in Teso North Benefit From UK Sports Reach Event

FC Amagoro reaped big after emerging winners of the one-day football tournament sponsored by the England-based Sports Reach programme held at Amagoro Primary School grounds over the weekend.

The aim of the global programme is to engage with the local communities through sports and fitness as they preach the gospel of Jesus.

FC Amagoro, which will participate in the county league set to kick off on October 21, 2023, emerged winners after beating Deliverance Church 2-0 and Kocholia Leeds by a similar score with goals from Nicholas Orodi and Billy Barasa (penalty).

The win saw FC Amagoro awarded a trophy, medals, and a set of uniforms. Deliverance Church, which took second place, received uniforms, with third-placed Kocholia Leeds being awarded tracksuits.

In the netball finals, Sports Reach beat Amagoro Community 22-2, with Susan Marsden netting 16 goals to emerge as the top scorer. Amagoro received a ball.

Elizabeth Ekwaro said, despite losing the netball match to the visiting team from England, she was happy to see how the church and the community can interact and build unity personally, spiritually, and also mentally.

Clad Caro said they learnt a lot, adding that the interaction brought unity and motivation.

Sports Reach Director William Marsden noted that they have been coming to Kenya since 2004, noting that they play football, netball, visit schools, and work with communities, pastors, and assemblies.

“Kenya has a special place in our hearts because we love Kenyan people. We want to share Jesus with them so that they can receive His greatest gift,” he said, adding that they operate in many countries, including England, Austria, Germany, France, Ecuador, Malawi, Sudan, South Africa, Uganda, Nepal, and Indonesia.

He said their netball victory against the Amagoro community was attributed to his wife Susan and daughter, who are game changers, adding that his favourite club back home is Liverpool.

Susan Marsden said the aim of their 12-day tour was to give faith a sporting chance, noting that sports bring children and young people together, regardless of background, and provide wonderful opportunities to build self-esteem, well-being, and opportunities to share faith.

The prolific goal attacker who plays for My Sisters Netball Club in England said she plays netball and shares the gospel with people, urging players from Busia County to keep playing together, follow the rules, watch the games, and give their lives to Jesus.

Pastor Lawrence Emomeri of Deliverance Church Amagoro said it was a big honour for his church to become the inaugural hosts of the Sports Reach programme in the entire county since 2004.

“Last Wednesday, the visiting team had the privilege to visit Amagoro and Kapina primary schools, where they donated football uniforms to the two learning institutions,” he said, noting that the school heads of the two institutions were very happy with the kind gesture.

He added, “The Sports Reach programme is the foundation of what we intend to do in the future; it’s also a form of cohesion both as church and community, and it gives idle youths an opportunity to do something and keep them fit instead of engaging in illicit activities.”

Source: Kenya News



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