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Progress of Afraha Stadium

A team of technical experts from Sports Kenya today joined Nakuru City Manager Gitau Thabanja and the contractor to assess the progress of the Afraha Stadium, which has taken rather too long to complete.

During the inspection, the team examined various sections of the stadium, including the pitch, changing rooms, VIP arena, commentator area, and media podium. Also under review were the project timelines and quality assurance measures.

The City Manager expressed satisfaction with the progress made so far. He emphasised that once completed, Afraha Stadium would be transformed into a world-class facility capable of hosting both local and international sporting events.

Thabanja stated that the project is part of Governor Susan Kihika’s efforts to promote sports tourism and boost the county’s economy.

He noted that in the past, the county was known for its prowess in boxing and football, but of late, new athletic stars have emerged from the Kuresoi sub-county.

While the team identified areas that required urgent attention, they also made recommendations for additional work on the pitch and running track to meet international standards, the use of high-quality turf, and an advanced irrigation system.

However, Thabanja blamed the delayed completion of the much-anticipated stadium on the relocation of power lines and water pipes, which serve a large population of residents neighbouring the area that had to be rerouted away from the stadium.

The project was started by former governor Lee Kinyanjui in 2021, and he had promised to complete the World Bank-sponsored stadium within two years at a cost of Sh650,000,000.

Once completed, the stadium, one of the oldest in the country estimated to be 74 years old, is expected to accommodate 7,000 people. Its location makes it ideal for football matches and athletic games for local clubs and schools.

Source: Kenya News



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