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Parliamentary Group Bulgaria-Moldova-Romania Travels to Romania and Moldova

To intensify parliamentary relations, a delegation from the Bulgaria-Moldova-Romania parliamentary group will travel to Romania and Moldova from June 5th to 9th, 2023.

In Romania, the delegation will meet with the state adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office, Madalina Turza, who is responsible for coordinating support for refugees from Ukraine, as well as with the members of the German-Romanian Parliamentary Friendship Group and the chairmen of various committees. A meeting is also planned with the representative of the German minority in the Romanian parliament, Dr. Ovidiu Gant. 

In Moldova, in addition to meetings with government representatives, meetings with members of parliament, such as the Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu and members of the Friendship Group, are the focus of the visit. Questions of European integration as well as economic and democratic development possibilities are to be discussed. 

In addition to the political appointments, meetings with representatives of civil society, development and non-governmental organizations and political foundations working locally are also planned in both countries.

Source: Deutscher Bundestag



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