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New Facts Results of the Autopsy of the Heretical Sect in Kenya, There are Blunt Marks

New facts from the case of a heretical sect in Kenya which spread in mid-April have been revealed again. Previously, several victims who had been autopsied showed that most of them died of starvation.
As is known, the followers of this sect are lured into heaven and can meet Jesus with the condition of fasting to death. Kenyan authorities say those who died in the hundreds were members of the Good News International Church with some believed to be linked to the New Life Prayer Center and Church.

Chief pathologist for the government of Kenya Johansen Oduor said of the 30 autopsies conducted on Tuesday 2 May 2023, he found new facts. Not only starving, the three victims consisting of two adults and one child died from strangulation.

In addition, one other child was found to have a traumatic injury due to a blunt object. The autopsy results also showed that three children had suffocated to death.

Quoted from the BBC, as many as six bodies decomposed so badly. This left the authorities unable to determine the cause of their death.

“The exhumation process will continue after all autopsies for the 110 bodies have been completed,” Oduor said.

Source : Detik Health



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