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Kenya VS Uganda: Hilarious Memes, Banters as 2 East African Countries Battle Online

The Twitter-sphere is today lit, and the ‘violence’ there is sponsored by the egoistic Kenyans and Tanzanians, two East African natives that should otherwise co-exist peacefully.

The mano-a-mano was apparently instigated by Kenya’s hailed rapper Khaligraph Jones, who had dared his Tanzanian music counterparts in a diss track. According to Khaligraph, Tanzanian music is overrated, with their unique Swahili lingo being the only X factor.

He thus, in his verdict, concluded that Kenyan music is well over par when compared with that of their Southern neighbours. Khaligraph would then challenge the Tanzanians to defend themselves, failure to which he would embark on disgracing them musically.

“Tanzanians, your rappers have 24 hours to respond. Failure to which I will launch an attack and I will take over the whole Tanzanian music industry and become the best rapper in Tanzania just like I am the best rapper in Nigerian and Kenya,” Khaligraph said in a video

He then proceeded to publish a salvo borne in a free-style composition calling out the artistes for a supposed lack of talent. To save face, a host of Tanzania’s hip-hop stars retaliated in what then culminated in a rap battle between them and Khaligraph. What should have remained on Instagram then spilt over to Twitter, currently known as X, the duel now going beyond music.

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