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Kenya is most stable democracy in Africa – Meg Whitman

The US Ambassador to Kenya Meg Whitman has marketed Kenya as the most stable democracy in Africa.

Speaking during the US – Africa business round table in San Francisco, Whitman said Kenya is the gateway to the East African market of almost 500 million consumers and the regional logistics as well as the regional hub.

She further noted that Silicon Savannah and the country’s super smart engineers put Kenya at the top as the regional ICT hub.

“Kenya is the leading destination for foreign direct investment and has a young educated entrepreneurial and English-speaking workforce,” she said.

The US Ambassador further said that the country generates over 93 per cent of its energy from renewable sources.

“Kenya’s largest export market is the US and we think Kenya is ready for a lift off as it diversifies its economy,” Whitman said.

“Kenya is the gateway to East Africa. Eighty per cent of EA regional trade passes through the port of Mombasa. In addition, Jomo Kenyatta is East Africa’s busiest airport in Nairobi served by 40 passenger airlines and 25 cargo carriers including FedEx and DHL,” she added.

Whitman further said Kenya has invested in good infrastructure such as the Standard Gauge Railway and a series of new roads and modern ports.

Similarly, Kenya is already the regional financial hub for East Africa, with several international banks already having presence in Nairobi for decades.

She further acknowledged that Nairobi plays host to necessary legal accounting and consultancy services to preserve and accelerate the country’s startups.

“The Kenya government is committed to establishing Nairobi as the premier destination for tech sector, innovation and investment. Many leading companies are already in Kenya,” Whitman noted.

She said having personally visited some of the most vibrant companies in the country, she is certain that the Silicon Savanna will be a reality.

Source: STAR



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