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Kenya is Calling Investors for Game Reserves, Marine Parks to Boost Tourism

In a bid to boost tourism, Kenya is inviting investors from all over to invest in its game reserves and marine parks. Reportedly, because of underinvestment, a number of properties have started looking dated now. So, the Kenya Wildlife Service is calling investors on several projects.

It includes game reserves, marine parks, restaurants, a convention center, and 71 ecolodges, among others.
Those investing in tented camps and lodges will get 20-year renewable leases. Investors planning to invest in restaurants, shops and other experiences will get 10-year renewable leases.

Tourism is responsible for about 10.4% of Kenya’s gross domestic product and 5.5% of formal employment. While the number of international tourists has gone up 72% last year to 1.48 million, earnings surged 83% to 268.1 billion shillings ($1.85 billion).

A look at Kenya’s top five game reserves and parks:

Kenya is calling investors for game reserves, marine parks to boost tourismCredit: iStock1) Masai Mara: No points in guessing as Masai Mara is not only Kenya’s but one of the world’s best-known reserves. And for a good reason too. The reserve is noted for predator sightings, including cheetahs, lions and leopards. Because it’s a huge open space, sighting these big cats is a lot easier.

2) Samburu: Next in line is Samburu. This beautiful reserve is perfect for a classic big game viewing, which includes lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes. Samburu Special Five include the Grevy’s zebra, beisa oryx, gerenuk, Somali ostrich and the reticulated giraffe.

3) Amboseli National Park: Famous as Home of the African Elephant, Amboseli National Park might be small in size, it covers a diverse range of landscapes. The most famous scene here is the view of Kilimanjaro mountain, seen towering high over the sun-soaked plains.

4) Meru National Park: Meru National Park is another gorgeous but lesser-known national park in Kenya. The reserve is good for rhino sightings and features a fenced rhino sanctuary.

5) Lake Nakuru National Park: This pretty and small park is located just a few hours’ drive away from Nairobi. This park was set as Kenya’s first rhino sanctuary.

Source: Times of India



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