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Jubilee Village Helps to Make Water Systems in Kenya Safe

We are honored to welcome Ned Campbell, the visionary founder of the Jubilee Village Project, a remarkable Hoosier non-profit established in 2008 with the noble mission of eradicating extreme poverty worldwide. Ahead of their much-anticipated “Walk For Water” fundraiser scheduled for this Saturday, July 29th, Ned will join our hosts to shed light on this inspiring initiative.

The “Walk For Water” event aims to raise crucial funds to install community-safe water systems in remote villages across Kenya, transforming the lives of countless individuals who lack access to clean and reliable water sources.

Through their dedicated volunteer-based efforts, the Jubilee Village Project is making a profound impact, exemplifying the true essence of compassion and humanitarianism. We look forward to learning more about their life-changing work and rallying behind this vital cause to create lasting change in the lives of those in need.

Source: Wish TV



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