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In Albania, A New Conspiracy Theory Implicates Greece In a Plot to Assassinate Enver Hoxha

Albania is a failed state. Albanians are an unhappy people who look “wherever they go, they leave” this third-world Balkan neo-Ottoman fiefdom that produces drugs and all kinds of organized crime.

The Albanians who have been trapped in this misery, that is Albania, are bombarded daily with conspiracy theories, spy thrillers and Greekophobia to remain subjugated and controlled by their kojabasides.

A new conspiracy theory emerging in Albania implicates Greece in a plot to assassinate communist dictator Enver Hoxha half a century ago.

The simple Albanian public consumes these fairy tales with great pleasure. They forget their hunger and misery with fairy tales.

The script

The pro-government Albanian newspaper “Tema” publishes the memoirs of an unnamed former official of the Albanian Secret Service during the communist regime, based on the conversations he had with the Albanian prisoner Avdul Banushi in the Burrel prison in Northern Albania .

The latter was accused of coming from the US in the early 1970s to assassinate dictator Enver Hoxha.

According to Banousi, “the secretary of the Greek Embassy in Tirana in 1973, Ilias P. , was an agent of the Americans”, a fact which he himself admitted in a conversation between them, and “he had an affair with the Albanian nurse Sh. in Tirana, from which he was getting information”, but the nurse “was an associate of the Sigurimi”.

Not even Foscolos wrote such scenarios. Of course, there is always Netflix that “films” such stories.

To be continued…

Banoussi further claims that, coming from the USA, he “later” met in Ioannina with his old acquaintance “Nikolaos Plasiotis”, who had also escaped.

He told him that “in a town in southern Albania, three citizens, KK, QJ and BA, were working together for a foreign service”.

Plasiotis even advised him to get in touch with them when he enters Albania.

The people up there are not doing well. Their hunger has burned out the neurons in the brain.

Source: Tribune



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