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Female Staff at BAT Kenya Paid More in Most Job Groups

Female staff at BAT Kenya earn more than their male counterparts in most job categories at the company.

The workers beat males in four of eight job groups and tie in one job category while males have the edge in the remaining three groupings.

Females in senior management under the grouping G37 earn 19 percent more than male staff in the same job category with the company attributing the difference to performance.

“At the G37 senior management level, we have a strong female talent group of consistent high performers as well as external joiners with solid experience. As a result, their base salaries are 19 percent higher than males,” the company notes.

Females also beat male earnings in job groups G32, G33 and G35 by nine, five and three percent respectively.

Nevertheless, at the lowest job category, male staff outearn female peers by the largest margin of 67 percent. Male employees are also paid more in the highest job category (G38) by 17 percent and at G36 by nine percent.

According to the cigarette manufacturer, pay to male staff often stagnates as more men than women spend more time in the same job group.

BAT says the pay gap is impacted by years of service and the annual salary review.

“From our most recent analysis, our male population has a higher average time in grade. This means that on average, they stay longer within the same pay grade than females,” the company stated.

Male staff stay on the same job grade for an average of 4.5 years compared to 3.2 years for females.

Source: Business Daily Africa



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