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Ethiopia, China Discuss on Issues of Improving Agricultural Productivity

Addis Ababa ,December 2/2023(ENA)-Ethiopia and China discussed issues that help improve agricultural production and productivity, according to the House of People’s Representatives.

Deputy Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives Lomi Bedo received the Chinese delegation and held discussions on issues that help improve agricultural production and productivity on the premises of the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

During the discussion, it was stated that the two countries will work together to increase agricultural productivity and strengthen parliamentary relations.

The Deputy Speaker recalled that Ethiopia and China have a long historical relationship, she pointed out that China is in a better position to modernize its agriculture.

Lomi stated that Ethiopia’s continued efforts in the agricultural sector are yielding tangible results and she also emphasized that China’s support is necessary to modernize the sector, as well as to produce agricultural products in greater quantity and quality.

Chairman of Standing Committee of Agriculture Affairs, Solomon Lale, said that Ethiopia has done a great job in protecting water and soil so that climate change does not have a negative impact on the agricultural sector.

In the last five years of the green development campaign, more than 32.5 billion saplings were planted and excellent results are being seen, Solomon said, adding that as a result, the country’s environmental situation is showing better change.

He also said that Ethiopia has done a historic job of substituting imported wheat with domestic production wheat over last three years by cultivating wheat through irrigation.

The Chairman stressed that Ethiopia seeks China’s support in its efforts to modernize the agricultural sector and continue to strengthen the productivity success it has started to record.

Member of the Chinese Council, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Du Zhehao said that China has modernized agriculture using technology and achieved tangible results.

We understand that Ethiopia is achieving tangible results in the agricultural sector, he said, adding that China will support the modernization of agriculture and increase productivity.

Deputy Speaker of the Chinese Parliament for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Deng Xuexin said that China has extensive experience in agriculture. He stated that it is one of the sectors that can provide better economic results.

Ethiopia can continue to strengthen its success in the agricultural sector, and China is willing to share and support its experience in the sector, Deng said.

Source: Ena News



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