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Dope Saint Jude Talks Her New Single, “Home”

What better way to usher in the weekend than with the electric sounds of Dope Saint Jude’s “Home”? Dropping her latest single, the talented artist contemplates those feelings of solitude brought on by the pandemic and gives them an energising and sexy edge, thanks to electronic production and synths galore. And, with this track coming accompanied by a fiery and sex-filled video featuring the artist’s wife, as well as standing as an enticing introduction to the artist’s newest EP, headed towards a March release, it is safe to assume that we have many more sensual cuts heading our way.

When discussing her intentions for the track, the artist explained, “I wanted to make a sexy, romantic track. I wrote it during the pandemic when I couldn’t go home to Cape Town, so the song is about finding a home in someone else.”

Upon the release of her latest single, the talent sat down with Wonderland to talk Cape Town’s influence on her sound, filming a music video with her wife and her upcoming EP.
Head below to enjoy our interview with Dope Saint Jude…

Heya, how are you doing? How has this past year been for you?
I am doing great. The past year has been tough, I haven’t been home in over two years, but I am answering these questions from sunny Cape Town, so I am doing really great right now.

Do you think the pandemic has affected your creativity in any way?
Yes, it gave me time to be introspective and to create without the constant noise around me. It gave us pause, and that has definitely affected creativity.

How did you first get into music, what sparked the interest?
I started by teaching myself to play the guitar at age 12, but got serious about music while performing as a drag king. While dragging, I realised the stage was my home, and I had an itch to pursue music full time.

You recently moved to London, do you think this new chapter has inspired you?
Definitely, being away from home (where I was born and raised) has allowed me to understand myself outside of the context of my upbringing. London is the kind of city that inspires one to dream big, so this chapter has been about broadening the scope of my dreams.

Where are you originally from? Did your home town inspire you?
I am originally from Cape Town and yes, it has informed the way I see the world in a major way. I always try to remember where I come from when I am looking ahead to where I am going.

And your new single “Home”, talk us through your mindset approaching the single?
I wanted to make a sexy, romantic track. I wrote it during the pandemic when I couldn’t go home to Cape Town, so the song is about finding a home in someone else.

You were inspired by a Toni Morrison quote, what about the quote inspired you?
I wanted to see more authentic queer content, specifically for women by women, so I decided to make it myself.

Filming the video, what was the process like?
It was lots of fun. At first, my wife, Roxanne, and I were nervous about being so intimate in front of a group of people. But after a few minutes, it was relaxed and mostly just like shooting any other music video. When the team is professional and the environment is safe, it makes filming a pleasure. Plus, I have always wanted to have Roxanne in a music video of mine, so the two of us had a ball.

And it’s taken from your new EP “Higher Self”, talk us through the production process and what can we expect?
“Higher Self” was made during the pandemic and is introspective and reflective. The project features a lot more choral sounds, it is a mixture of different genres. You can expect a mixture of fierce beats and lyrics, balanced by some more gentle, lighter sounds.

What are you most excited for? What’s next?
I am excited to finally be on tour again! I am hitting the road with my band and am looking forward to connecting with my fans in a more intimate way.



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