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Britain-Bomet County to Boost Trade Relations

The British Government and the County Government of Bomet have agreed to improve trade relations to the benefit of the citizens of both governments.

The agreement was reached during a courtesy call by the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Mr. Neil Wigan Bomet, and Governor, Prof. Hillary Barchok, on Tuesday.

Prof. Barchok alluded to the strong historical relationship between Kenya and Britain, terming it rich and having ties that should be exploited to profit both sides.

Barchok said the commissioner’s visit sought to explore ways of improving trade in tea and coffee, among other cash crops produced in Bomet.

He said Bomet was able to produce the highest quantity as well as the highest quality tea, which the people of Britain have, since time immemorial, enjoyed.

The governor said there were a number of multinational tea companies working in the county, saying it was the goal of his administration to make it conducive for investors to trade.

He said there were numerous scenic landscapes and natural features in Bomet, which he urged the commissioner to encourage the British people to visit as tourists, thus improving the industry as well as creating jobs for the youth.

He added that Bomet was rich in cultural diversity, a field that he termed uncharted territory as far as cultural tourism was concerned.

Mr. Wigan said he appreciated the historical ties the two countries have, saying he saw delighted that the relationship has befitted residents of both sides.

He said he looked forward to travelling to various parts of Kenya, Bomet included, in a bid to see how socioeconomic ties could be enhanced.

Source: Kenya News



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