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Nigerian student dancers nail viral recreation of Rihanna’s halftime show

Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show continues to be a viral hit on social media, where it has inspired scores of fans to recreate some of the performance’s memorable moments.

Students at Dream Catchers Academy in Lagos, Nigeria, are the latest internet celebrities to amass thousands of views on videos that showcase their African-inspired footwork to “Rude Boy,” “Diamonds” and “Pour It Up.”

On Friday (March 10), a talented group of girls, who appeared to vary in age, knocked it out of the park when they hit over 12 million views on their latest TikTok. In the video, the zealous dancers flawlessly executed the routine, along with several of their own creative additions, that Rihanna’s backup dancers nailed during the live broadcasted mini-concert on Feb. 12. The talented students have been busy at work learning various parts of the show, which has left commenters astonished by their prowess.

“They won this trend. Give them the trophy,” said one person on TikTok. “I cannot watch this enough times. These kids are going so hard in the paint,” praised another. “Rihanna should’ve had them as her backup dancers,” commented another.

On its site, the nonprofit academy says its mission is “to transform the lives of less privileged girls who have experienced abuse, neglect, or economic hardship resulting in [a] lack of educational attainment by giving them a chance through quality education, arts education, shelter, welfare, arts and life skills.”

Last month, grannies at Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green in Kentucky were all the buzz when they showed off their take on the popular “Rude Boy” dance trend. While the senior citizens obviously did not tackle the quick dance moves, they still wowed onlookers with their thoughtful homage to the Bajan artist with their white outfits and, of course, their star, who donned red just like Rihanna.

Source : Yahoo News



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