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How Telecoms Could Improve Water Management in Ethiopia

How can digital twin technology, AI/ML, and satellite imagery improve water management? A new deal between the water authority of Ethiopian city Dire Dawa and climate technology solutions company Nedamco Ethiopia may provide the answer.

At COP28 the city of Dire Dawa Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DDWSSA) and Nedamco Africa, together with its partners Microsoft, Deltares, Hulo.ai and Isle Utilities, announced the launch of the Nedamco Catchment City Waste Water Management (CCW) project for the city of Dire Dawa.

The CCW solution is an integrated technology platform that addresses the critical challenges of water losses and inefficient management.

Specifically, it harnesses digital twin technology, AI/ML, and satellite imagery to deliver comprehensive monitoring of water infrastructures, detect leakages, and make climate impact predictions with the goal of providing more access to water, more water availability and improved water quality. 

The innovative approach involves integrating advanced technologies with meticulous (near) real-time data collection and analysis, enabling the accurate measurement of the environmental benefits derived from water conservation efforts. In this process, Nedamco Africa utilises cutting-edge tools from global technology leaders, and leverages AI and ML models, high-resolution satellite imagery, and blockchain technologies. 

These tools facilitate a reliable, real-time tracking of water management and improvements, ensuring that the generated water data is not only verifiable but also transparent and scalable. Nedamco Africa leverages this approach to create water certificates that employ the Volumetric Water Benefits Accounting (VWBA) 2.0 methodology, which allows for a comprehensive and quantifiable assessment of water management projects. By adhering to rigorous standards Nedamco Africa can guarantee the created certificates reflect genuine improvements in water management.

Microsoft is a pivotal partner and contributor to the initiative, providing the technological backbone and innovative solutions critical to the success of the system.

This approach not only aids DDWSSA in effective water resource management but also opens new avenues for DDWSSA to attract innovative financing in water network development and community support, aligning closely with global sustainability goals.

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