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Bulgaria: Order to Form a Government to Nikolai Denkof

The President of Bulgaria , Rumen Radev, entrusted the mandate to form a government to Nikolai Denkov, a politician from the coalition consisting of the liberal formations ” Continuing the Change ” (PP) and “Democratic Bulgaria”. The former prime minister’s alliance impeached Kiril Petkov and came second in early elections on April 2 , which were the fifth parliamentary elections held in Bulgaria in the last five years, EFE news agency reports.

In order to overcome the permanent political crisis and avoid a new round of expected elections, the conservative alliance that won the last election, created by the GERB formation of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the Union of Democratic Forces (SDS), agreed with the Alliance PP- DB in a rotating government, in which prime ministers change every nine months .

Nikolai Denkof is to be appointed prime minister and will be replaced in this position after nine months by the representative of the GERB-SDS alliance, Maria Gabriel , who would have held the position of deputy prime minister in the first part of the rotation and resigned for the purpose this. from the position of European Commissioner.

But on Saturday, Maria Gabriel announced that the GERB was suspending negotiations on the future government, after the leak of a recording of a meeting of the leadership of the party ” Continuing the Change ” (PP), in which those present said, among other things, that they had just return to power they will replace all the secret service chiefs appointed by President Radev and Borisov when he was prime minister.

The alliance formed between PP-DB garnered 24.6% of the vote in the expected parliamentary elections on April 2, compared to 26.5% for the GERB-SDS alliance. Candidate Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov now has 7 days, until June 5 , to propose a government or return the mandate if he cannot form a majority.

Source: ERT News



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